HER House Lifebook

HER House residents rely on the Lifebook to find out about the chore system, food distribution, roles of the e-board, responsibilities of House committees, the process of applying to the House and House events. It helps to reinforce the roles and responsibilities of individual House members as well as the mission, function and importance of all the moving parts that make up the cooperative. 

It is a living document that has evolved throughout the history of the HER House in order to accommodate the changing culture and preferences of house members.

The House Life Book and Renovations Committee is dedicated to updating and clarifying the Lifebook. Major changes to the Lifebook are voted on by House residents at House monthly meetings. If you are interested in the details of living in the house, please take look at our Life Book to see exactly how the HER House is structured.

You can view or download the file at this link: HER Lifebook 2022-23 (Revised 6-20-22).

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