President: Kenzie Wooters (2018)

Past President: Rebecca Martin (2007)

Vice-President: Paulette Sharen (1982)

Director of Communications: Natasia Sidarta (2012)

Treasurer: Renee Gaillard (2014)

Clerk: Sacha de Jong (2020)

Outreach & Engagement Chair: Zefa Sullivan (2013)

Communications Committee Chair: Jenni Todd (2020)

HERAA is governed by a Board of Overseers, elected at each year's Annual Meeting. You can read more about the Board in the HERAA By-Laws.

Are you interested in participating on the HERAA Board? We welcome your attendance at our monthly meetings or you can nominate yourself or another alumna to serve on the  position.

Meet your 2019-2020 HERAA Board of Overseers 2019-2020

President: Rebecca Martin, Class of 2007

The HERAA President supervises the activities of the Board, leads annual goal setting, advises the House, serves as a liaison to BU administrators, presides over monthly and annual business meetings, and collaborates with students and consultants on House restoration projects.

Past President: Hillary Johnson, Class of 2001

The HERAA Past President is the most recently retired President and serves as an advisor to the Board.

Vice-President: Kenzie Wooters, Class of 2018

The HERAA Vice President oversees outreach and engagement efforts, coordinates local and regional events in close collaboration with the Outreach Committee, serves as a liaison to the H.E.R. House for social events, assists in fundraising research and planning, and coordinate administrative duties of the Board with the President.

Director of Communications: Natasia Sidarta, Class of 2012

The HERAA Director of Communications oversees and coordinates all HERAA communications and website in collaboration with the Communications Committee, serves as the editor of the HERAA newsletter and other email communications, and maintains and develops alumnae database.

Treasurer: Sarah Newell, Class of 2015

The HERAA Treasurer manages HERAA expenditures, develops and monitors the annual budget, files necessary tax documentation with IRS and state, monitor investments and donations, and assists in fundraising research and planning.

Communications Committee Chair: Renee Gaillard, Class of 2014

The Communications Committee Chair coordinates committee and HERAA communications through our social media pages on Facebook and Linkedin to promote HERAA activities and engage alumnae and assists the Director of Communications in maintaining the website and other communication needs.

ClerkPosition Vacant

The HERAA Clerk keeps official minutes for all Board meetings, oversee correspondence with alumnae, coordinate with Treasurer for any tax documentation needed for IRS and state

Outreach Committee Chair: Position Vacant

The Outreach Committee Chair coordinates committee and local and regional social events in collaboration with the Vice-President and assists the Director of Communications in alumnae outreach and communications.

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